Crucible: A Gathering of Mystics, Occultists, Witches, and Mages in Central NJ October 7

And it’s time for the annual gathering hosted by the Omnimancers called Crucible! This is happening this Saturday October 7. The event’s site explains:

“Crucible is a large get-together of people, from a very wide variety of backgrounds, who are serious about the practice of magic(k), and want to have a good time.

“We are have rented hotel space at the Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village in Princeton, NJ. The address is 201 Village Boulevard, Princeton, NJ 08540 [an exit off Route 1, North of Princeton proper] . Their phone is (609) 452-7900. The Hotel room rates are $129 a night. (Please mention Crucible when booking at the hotel to get this rate (or if reserving online )) The cut-off date for this rate is September 15th, 2017 so get yours soon! It is very important that your room is counted towards Crucible. Thanks!). The event will last all day and late into the night (Noon to midnight), and a number of people are getting together the previous night for dinner, and the day afterwards for brunch.

“Crucible will take place on October 7th, 2017, starting around lunchtime. It’s being put together by the Omnimancers, a New-Jersey-based magical group. Crucible is open to mystics, occultists, witches, and mages of all paths and traditions. Ticket prices are $50 Pre-Reg and $55 at the door (Sorry they had to go up again, but hotel costs have gone up and we need bigger rooms! ) We plan to invade some good local restaurants (probably with a group discount on entrees.) Dinner will be served in the hotel convention space for an extra charge. Also, see the Crucible’s Past page for examples of speakers from our previous conventions.”

Scheduled presentations include:

Slot 2A
Ernest McCloskey will be presenting:
Art of Zon: Physical Magic – What energy looks like in the real world and what it takes to bring it forth

Slot 2B
Panel 2 :
Practical Magic: Melding the Arcane with the Mundane

Slot 3A
Hector Salva will be presenting:
Sanse path to power

Sanse is a branch of the Vodou traditions of the Caribbean. This spirituality is a path of the development of personal and spiritual power to manifest and create change. Magic, spells, and energy work compromise a part of the path.

Not much of the tradition is known to outsiders, as this is a Mystery Tradition and path.

The three levels of Power
How Sancistas become conduits and conductors of Power
How Possession by the Spirits is a form of Power
How Connection to your Spiritual Frame Changes everything in your magic

Slot 3B
Rick Reid will be presenting:
Paschal Beverly Randolph

Paschal Beverly Randolph was an African American Occultist from the era of the civil war. He created his own magical system and is perhaps the first person to introduce the concepts of sex magic to North America.

Slot 4A
Earl Keim III will be presenting:
The Magickal Worlds of Michael Bertiaux

Slot 4B
Shawn Knight will be presenting:
Ancient Egypt for the Magician: From the Great Pyramid to the Greek Papyri

The ancient Egyptians have fascinated us for millenia and their influence is seen in both the practices and the pop culture of the occult landscape. Shawn will give a brief outline of Egyptian history to provide a backdrop, before moving on to myth, mummification, and most importantly magick. We will discuss stories of magick from Egyptian literature, the inseparability of magick and religion in Egypt, and Egyptian magical techniques from earliest history through the Greek Magical Papyri.

Slot 5A
Arthur D. Moyer will be presenting:
Omnimancy: Nature of Magical Energy

This will be a more basic lecture and defining some of the properties of magical energy and an introduction to the cornerstone of Omnimancy: Tech

Slot 5B
Richard Kaczynski will be presenting:
The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion: The Scientific Method and How To Apply It to Magical Practice

A common assertion in ritual magick is that magicians apply the scientific method to spiritual practice, following rigorous rules in their rituals and keeping detailed records of their activities. However, few teachers actually discuss the scientific method. This talk will describe how to apply research methodology to magick, and how to become a critical evaluator of your own magical work. How do you prove causality? What are possible alternative explanations? How to improve your approach? What does Occam’s razor have to do with this? Dr. K has taught graduate level courses in research design and statistics since 1988.

Slot 6A
Phil Farber will be presenting:
The Magick of Perception

While our historical magick offers us a plethora of techniques, some more effective than others, the literature rarely discusses the process by which magical results manifest. Recent advances in the understanding of the human brain and nervous system may hold clues. Phil will offer some exciting discussion and speculation on cognitive science and the nature of intentional magick — and a few exercises to demonstrate the ideas. Understanding exactly how and when the shifts in our consciousness and reality take place can help us to create magical rituals that are more consistent and effective. If you practice anything that you consider to be magick, you’ll find a technique in this workshop that can take your efforts to a new level!

Slot 6B
Lainie Petersen will be presenting:
Basic Candle Magic and Operating a Candle Ministry

Candles play an important role in many magical and religious traditions. In this presentation, I’ll be covering the basics of candle safety, candle types, correspondences, and methods. Then I’ll switch gears and talk about my candle ministry, which has set hundreds of lights this year for people all over the world. If you think you’d like to start your own candle ministry, I’ll offer some ideas, guidance, and advice for doing so safely, inexpensively, and without losing your mind.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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