Crowley’s Signature “Analyzed”

I was culling the home library, and pulled out Andre McNichol’s 1991 “Handwriting Analysis,” putting it aside for Sister Amy to rule on. Going through said tome, she pointed out that years ago we’d bookmarked a page with an entry for Aleister Crowley! Not surprisingly it was A HOWLER, rife with outrageous misinformation from start to finish — the usual bits from the tabloid press of Crowley’s time that everyone who does no research on him besides passing along this ancient hearsay reports: murder, suicide, sadism, etc. But the showstopper is the actual “analysis” performed on his signature (frankly, two words seems like a scanty sampling to base a personality profile on):

Crowley signature re

Honestly, methinks perceiving his notorious phallic “A” as “a pair of treacherous scissors” says more about the analyst than the subject! I’m sure that the author and any male lovers she may have encountered must have had some fascinating bedroom conversations!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi


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