Crowley Is Back!

Frater V.C.S. a member of O.T.O. Japan wrote us that “Crowley,” a Japanese heavy metal band founded in the 1980’s have reunited and staged a reunion show December 30, 2017  in Nagoya.

Metal Archives says this about the group:

Crowley is a metal band with occult, horror, and black magic conceptual themes that started performing in 1983 in Japan. From 1984 Crowley entered its most successful era which they dubbed the “golden age” with a line-up of members comprised of Takashi Iwai (vocals), Yoshinori Kokune (guitar), Noriyuki Kuroyanagi (bass), and Hiro (drums) and quickly gained popularity. In the same year, Crowley released two songs in a compilation album under the E.L.L. label, followed by the release of a single “The Scream of Death” in 1985 and the LP “Whisper of the Evil” in 1986, solidifying Crowley’s popularity. It was about this time that Crowley began receiving global notoriety through features in metal magazines in Europe and America, which eventually led to tour offers from overseas promoters. However, Hiro left the band in 1986 over disagreements in the management of the band, followed by the departure of Kuroyanagi several months later, putting an end to Crowley’s global aspirations. Although the band replaced its drummer and bassist, Crowley did not release any new works and ultimately disbanded in the late 80’s.

Back in the 80’s Crowley was noted for being one of the first Japanese metal bands to pioneer the use of provocative make-up, costumes, pyro and overall stage presence, and yet its lack of a contract with a major label and releases of prior records contributed to Crowley’s status as an influential band. Crowley had a direct impact in paving the way for future generations of Japanese visual rock bands.

Frater V.C.S. ended his note saying: “Crowley is back!”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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