Crowley Haunting The Theosophical Society in Edinburgh?

Here’s a very odd story from the Edinburgh News recounting 2007 seances wherein participants believe they were being visited by Aleister Crowley – despite a complete lack of corroboration via communications received during the seances, the circumstances (they were being held in a room that the local Theosophical Society had kept under lock and key for decades. Etc. It’s interesting to see the assumptions people will jump to on no substantial basis. Here’s a howler of an excerpt:

“Crowley had lived in Edinburgh for a period of his life. It did not strike me then that this devil-worshipping man had actually lived in the Theosophical Hall. I only discovered that after I got home and made a few phone calls.

?Only then was I was told that this man had lived in and operated his occult circle from a room on the top floor of the building. And, that until comparatively recently, that room had remained locked because of its previous use. Armed with the knowledge that Crowley had lived in the property I had no doubt at all that it was his spirit-self who had appeared… The evil feeling that overcame this medium said it all. The fact that his image was seen moving out of a mirrored surface on the floor below where he was supposed to have lived makes me think he may have owned or rented the entire building.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. independent of the amusing anecdote – is it known if the Old Goat in fact ever occupied this “room with a view”?

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