Crowley Collection in Austin, TX

The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas in Austin states it’s central mission is “to advance the study of the arts and humanities. To this end, the Center:

  • Acquires original cultural material for the purposes of scholarship, education, and delight
  • Preserves and makes accessible these creations of our cultural heritage through the highest standards of cataloging, conservation, and collection management
  • Supports research through public services, symposia, publications, and fellowships
  • Provides education and enrichment for scholars, students, and the public at large through exhibitions, public performances, and lectures”

Amongst its holdings is an important collection of Crowleyana, including material that had been misplaced in a warehouse in Detroit having been stored there by  Charles Stansfield Jones —  Crowley believing that Jones had misappropriated by him, causing a falling out between the two. Years later, the two cases of books Jones had deposited at the warehouse and purchased eventually purchased by local stage magic expert Robert Lund.

You can find details on the contents of the Ransom Center’s Crowley collection at:

OTO members attending NOTOCON this Summer would do well to walk from their hotel over to Congress Avenue and take a bus up to the Unversity Campus and visit the Ransom Center.



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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