Crowley collection at University of Syracuse Special Collections Research Center

Among important collections of works by and about The Prophet of the Lovely Star would be that housed at the Special Collections Research Center at Syracuse University [alma mater of Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison of the Velvet Underground!- editor] , formerly known as the George Arents Research Library.

The Library catalogue lists 1068 books + eBooks pertaining to Aleister Crowley. This includes works about Crowley such as Charles Richard Cammell’s Aleister Crowley: The Man, The Image, The Poet; Cammell’s son, Donald, who met Crowley during his childhood would go on to play Osiris in Kenneth Anger’s film Lucifer Rising and then produce the film controversial film Performance). There are also books written by him published during his lifetime such as the 1910 printing of Ambergris : a selection from the poems of Aleister Crowley and 1929’s  The spirit of solitude : an autohagiography (subsequently re-Antichristened The confessions of Aleister Crowley). The collection also houses original editions of posthumous publications like The magical record of the Beast 666: the diaries of Aleister Crowley, 1914-1920 originally publish in 1972.

You can view their entire collection via this link:!/search?ho=t&fvf=SourceType,Library%20Catalog,f&q=%22Aleister%20Crowley%22&l=en

Also, among Archival Material listed under “Aleister Crowley Papers” there is: “Correspondence, incoming and outgoing, with Frieda Harris, Cordelia Sutherland, and others; holograph and typescript essays, poems, and notes; drawings, and printed advertisements.”

The George Arents Research Library, began as “a part of the University’s fledgling library after founding of the school in 1870. A generous donation made possible the first major acquisition of the special collections in 1887 with the purchase of the library of Leopold von Ranke, the founder of modern historical research technique. Since that time the SCRC has continued to expand its horizons and broaden its collections to represent a plethora of topics and research interests. The manuscript and rare book collections of SCRC complement each other in many areas and a number of special collections include both printed and manuscript works. Therefore, it is essential to investigate both areas in order to glean all available information on a subject.”

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