“Cover” – an Album Dedicated to the Memory of Lady Jaye

Vanessa Sinclair announced via FB the upcoming Hallow E’en the release of the Coven collection. This album features music from  Jill TracyknifesexAlice Kg, Freudian Slit, katie bishop, People Like Us (Vicki Bennett), Carl Abrahamsson with Lady Jaye, Sharron KrausDelphic Oracle, Serena Stucke, Val DenhamKatelan Foisy, The Widow of Culloden (Liza Beth Paap), Caleigh FisherInvisible Candy,Mv CarbonKim BoekbinderMadame Deficit & Vanessa Sinclair. It’s dedicated to the memory of the luminous LADY JAYE BREYER P-ORRIDGE, the late significant other of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

The album is being released and sold via HIGHBROW-LOWLIFE.COM 


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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