Congrès Spiritualiste

University of Gothenberg Professor Henrik Bogdan posted on FB:
“On June 7-10, 1908, the Congrès Spiritualiste was held in Paris at the Grande Salle du Palais des Sociétés Savantes (8 Rue Danton). Organised by Papus (Gérard Encausse, 1865-1916), the partipants included a wide range of occultist, spiritualist and (“fringe”) masonic authors, such as Victor Blanchard, Phaneg, Teder (Henri-Charles Détré), and Theodor Reuss. Here you see the original program, published in Le Voile d’Isis (June 1908, no. 32), and the transactions published two years later, “Compte Rendu Complet du Congrès et du Convent maçonnique Spiritualiste” (Paris: Librairie Hermetétique). The 279 pages of the transactions give a unique insight into early 20th century European occultism. In particular, the emphasis on Freemasonry as a transmitter of occult knowledge stands out, which reflects the fascination and emulation of Freemasonry in the occult milieus in the years leading up to WWI.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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