Congolese Fables Preserved in Photography

A scene from Congo Tales

Released in September of last year, Congo Tales is a collection of photographs depicting the stories and legends of the Mbomo people. While the images are recorded by outsiders, the stories themselves are reenacted by local volunteers. It provides an important cultural record of a people in an area that receives little attention, and it does so beautifully. My Modern Met says, “Whether in intimate black and white portraits or complex multi-character compositions, the people of the Mbomo take their roles seriously. With pride shining in their eyes, their contributions in acting out these sacred tales to their fullest don’t go unnoticed.”

My Modern Met further reports:

The project is the first of many within Tales of Us, which is the brainchild of Dutch film producer Eva Vonk. Together with fellow editor Stefanie Plattner, community activists, teachers, and local radio producers, Vonk spent three years in the Republic of the Congo recording mythologies. The fables, which often deal with relationships and the environment, were then translated and adapted by Congolese brothers Wilfried N’Sondé, an author, and S.R. Kovo N’Sondé, a philosopher.

Many thanks to Frater Von Hohenheim for the tip!


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