Complete Golden Dawn Flying Rolls Being Published

Irish occult publisher Kerubim Press has announced the upcoming publication, The Complete Flying Rolls of the Golden Dawn, the most thorough and authoritative version of these classical texts to date. The posted description says:

“If you think you’ve already read these papers, think again! Current published versions, in both print and online, are riddled with errors, missing entire sections and images, and give incomplete and misleading instructions as a result. All of this is corrected in this new, comprehensive edition.

“Add to this the scholarly insights of Samuel Scarborough, Tony Fuller, and Frater Yechidah, three of the leading voices on the original source material, and you have a must-have tome to enhance your magical library.

“For the first time ever, the complete unabridged documents known as the Flying Rolls are presented here for scholars and occultists looking to delve deeper into the tradition of the Golden Dawn.

“Unlike previous editions, no text or images are omitted from this rendition, and the editor has painstakingly cross-referenced dozens of original copies for subtle but meaningful changes, pointing them out in his invaluable annotations.

“This most authentic and complete collection gives eye-opening insights into the rituals and mysteries of the Order, with sometimes huge details and powerful diagrams that were previously overlooked now restored.

“Alternate copies and related appendices are also provided, granting the most comprehensive compilation of material that the original Adepts were privy to, a privilege now extended to the readers of today.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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