Collective777’s Robert Buratti Creates New Art For The Tea Party

Robert Buratti of Collective777, the Art Guild of OTO Australia has been collaborating with Canadian rockers The Tea Party for some time now and has created new art which will be included in the band’s live show in upcoming touring. Some of this work is already available for purchase. Buratti’s Fine Art’s site states:

“Earlier this year, Canadian rockers, The Tea Party announced a special tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the classic album, Transmission.

“Released in 1997, Transmission was the fourth album recorded by the band and expanded on the mix of rock, blues and world music found in their previous albums by adding electronic instruments and recording techniques to their repertoire. While still using several exotic instruments and maintaining the “eastern” influence in the recording, many songs also include samples, sequencers and loops alongside the traditional acoustic instruments. The result is a harder, industrial sound.

“The album makes lyrical references to the afterlife (“Psychopomp”), the dystopian works of Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Yevgeny Zamyatin (“Army Ants”) and Giovanni Piranesi’s ‘Imaginary Prisons’ (“Alarum”). Transmission continued to build on the momentum generated by The Edges of Twilight, reaching #3 on the Canadian album chart, double platinum status in Canada and receiving a 1998 Juno nomination for “Blockbuster Rock Album of the Year”.

“Following on from the successful 2015 collaboration with The Tea Party (The Edges of Twilight), Robert Buratti has once again been invited to create a series of original drawings, paintings and graphics for the 2017 Canadian and Australian tour. Buratti will complete 11 original works and 11 short films which will form part of the live show.”

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