Collective777 Releasing Music From Spiraculum Aeternitas

To commemorate the release of Opus Alchymicum, Collective777 is presenting its first musical release by Spiraculum Aeternitas.
Spiraculum Aeternitas is a collaboration between Late James and Joel Brady that began
in 2013, seeking to unearth artefacts from the unconscious. With elements created
independently and then married in the mind of PAN, Spiraculum Aeternitas is cracked
and broken and beautiful. Sometimes majestic, sometimes delicate, sometimes chaotic,
but always evocative.

First edition, limited to 50 signed copies only

Standard CD format, running time 27 minutes. (weblink also provided for private digital
download of soundfile).

AUD $11.00

Purchase online

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For further information about Spiraculum Aeternitas, click  here []

Late james

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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