Collective777 Member’s Work Included in Inner Atmosphere’s Exhibit

Robert Buratti, a member of the OTO Australia Art Guild – Collective777 – will be among artists showing at the Inner Atmospheres exhibit. The opening takes place this Friday, June 29 in Perth, Australia, at Gallery 25. The event’s FB page states:

“Presented as part of the first Perth Comic Arts Festival (PCAF), this exhibition explores the relationship between painting and comics. It will illuminate the ways in which artists are using the language of paint itself to add to the vocabulary and possibilities of expression in sequential narrative art. The exhibition will serve as the official launch of PCAF. Join us on the 29th June to meet the artists and symposium guests while viewing original painted works by 20 acclaimed artists including Julie Dowling, Shaun Tan, Gregory Pryor, Soolagna Majumdar and Campbell Whyte.

“Exhibiting artists:
Carla Adams (WA)
Rachel Ang (VIC)
Anne Barnetson (WA)
Calliope Bridge (WA)
Celene Bridge (WA)
Robert Buratti (WA)
Julie Dowling (WA)
Stuart Elliott (WA)
Michael Fikaris (VIC)
Sarah Firth (VIC)
Jillian Green (WA)
Gabby Loo (WA)
Soolagna Majumdar (WA)
Gregory Pryor (WA)
Justin Randall (WA)
Sarah Searle (WA)
Briony Stewart (WA)
Shaun Tan (VIC)
Hayley Welsh (WA)
Campbell Whyte (WA)”

Images by Shaun Tan from his ‘Head’ series, oil on board, 20cm x 15cm.
Exhibition continues until the 26th July

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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