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Dais Records reports:

Thank you for your patience with our official reissues of Coil’s Worship the Glitch & Black Light District. We have a small update regarding the vinyl edition of Coil Black Light District:

As per our previous emails regarding this delay, the first round of test presses were rejected by us due to distorted sound quality on one of the sides of the album. We fixed this issue and had the side re-cut. We received word back last week from the plant that the second round of test presses didn’t pass their internal quality control. Upon inspection, the stamper had physical flaws in it and needed to be re-plated.

We are currently waiting for the 3rd round of stampers to arrive at the plant. When they arrive we will have new test presses to approve, which will hopefully be OK…third times a charm!

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As you most likely already know, Worship the Glitch is out now on vinyl LP and CD, available through our webshop and distributors. As well, the CD version of Black Light District is out now and shipped worldwide.

If you ordered Black Light District vinyl TOGETHER with Worship the Glitch (or anything else for that matter), your order will ship when Black Light District vinyl is in hand. We are unable to ship items piecemeal as shipping paid at checkout was calculated by the weight of your total package.

We are estimating that the records will ship mid-August at the latest, given that these stampers show up soon and the test presses are passable.

Have questions? Reply to this mail:

We thank you for your patience and we are just as impatient as you to get this out. We will send an update when we approve the test presses and expect to get the album in hand.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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