New Cleopatra Box Set in Homage to Aleister Crowley

Cleopatra Records curates a 60+ track box set which in a way acts as a cerebral homage to Aleister Crowley.

The box includes tracks from The Soft Moon, VOWWS, Bestial Mouths, Magic Wands (remixed by The XX) side by side with classic tracks from Nico, Christian Death, Peter Murphy, Tangerine Dream and Joy Divison, as well as many others.

Full information  and track list.

Frater Neo


  1. Proving once again that you can hock your goods to Thelemites by slapping Crowley’s name or picture on your product lol… I have been a fan of Cleopatra records since the 90s but I fail to see how any of the music on here relates to Crowley? And what the hell is a “cerebral homage?” lol

    • of course it doesn’t mean that Thelemites will purchase ’em! caveat emptor!

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