“Cinderella of the Wasteland” – a group discussion

Examiner.com posted a lengthy account of “Cinderella of the Wasteland” – a group discussion of the life and work of Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel by her friends and other associates. They discussed her marriage to rocket scientist/magician Jack Parsons, her startling art, her influence on the L.A. avant-garde art scene in the 1950’s, et cetera. To wit:

“Close friends of occultist, artist and iconic Los Angeles figure Marjorie Cameron gathered to share memories of the “Scarlet Woman” who starred in Kenneth Anger films and was married to rocket scientist Jack Parsons, amid a small but historic first East Coast survey of her artwork. The occasion for the panel on the woman and her work was a re-staging of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art survey, or at least a portion of it, at the dealer’s Grand Street space.

“Over the course of two hours, Cameron Parsons Foundation Director Scott Hobbs, along with photographer Cynthia MacAdams, actor Allen Midgette, former video executive William Breeze and Mr. Deitch shared personal stories and anecdotes about the artist, while tracing Cameron’s trajectory as a influential figure among L.A.’s magical and artistic community.”



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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