Christeos Pir Presents Enochian Magick Workshop at William Blake Lodge

Christeos PirWilliam Blake Lodge is proud to announce that it will be hosting Christeos Pir’s Enochian Magick Workshop July 8-10, 2016. The Workshop includes two full days of lecture, discussion, and hands-on ritual, exploring the historical, theoretical, and practical world of the work of Dr. John Dee, court magician to Queen Elizabeth I, and his assistant Sir Edward Kelley. Beginning with a look at Dee in his time, we will discuss the reception of the Enochian systems, the details of working with Enochian magick, developments in Enochian magical research and practice in the 19th through today, and examine some unresolved issues in Enochian work as well as suggestions for further study. There will be participatory rituals on both days. Handouts will be provided, and prior familiarity with Enochian Magick is NOT required: this workshop will be of interest to all skill levels from beginner through advanced. Meals will be available, and there will be plenty of time for discussion and relaxed social interaction in a convivial environment.

Fr. Christeos Pir (T אריה) has been a member of O.T.O. since 04/04/93, and is Past Master of William Blake Oasis (now William Blake Lodge), past Secretary and Deputy Master of Scarlet Woman Lodge in Austin TX, and past Most Wise Sovereign of Baphomet Chapter Rose Croix. He is now a Bishop of EGC and a Sovereign Grand Inspector General. He recently completed his M.A. with a thesis on religion and the supernatural in contemporary Japanese popular culture and is currently teaching History of Globalization at a private university. He has been studying and writing about the magickal system of Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley for more than 20 years, and is the author of “An Essay on Enochian Pronunciation,” “The Watchtowers of the World,” “Traversing the Aethyrs,” “Enchanting Modernity,” “Mircea, Mircea Me: An Examination of Eliade’s Theories on the Sacred, as Expressed in the Doctrine and Ritual of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica,” and other essays, and has been threatening for some time to complete a book tentatively titled Enochian 101. He has led seminars and experimental study groups in various subjects at a number of O.T.O. bodies, at NOTOCON, at Ecumenicon/Sacred Space (a national pagan-oriented ecumenical conference), and at several Texas OTO Conventions (TOTOCONs). He is moderator of the Enochian e-group, and web manager for the Japan Anthropology Workshop and Hagiography Society academic organizations.

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