Chemsex: Fun or Fatal?

A rainbow prism effect.

“It’s a common story,” says Kyle, crossed-legged on a sofa in north London. Mid-twenties, with clothes draped over thin limbs, he has the insouciant air of an art student. “Someone going under on G and the guy hosting the party being like, ‘Oh he’s fine, just leave him.’ Not like, ‘Call an ambulance.’”

Combining sex and drugs is nothing new, Buzzfeed reports, but the latest popular mix, crystal methamphetamine (aka crystal, meth, Tina), GHB (aka G), and mephedrone, can be particularly dangerous. The line between excitement and overdose is thin, and the chances of being incapacitated and trapped into nonconsensual acts is high. While man has the right to love as he will, the risk is concerning.

Buzzfeed: Inside The Dark, Dangerous World of Chemsex


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