Changing Attitudes Towards the Myth of Adam and Eve’s Fall

One major difference between the Abrahamic faiths and Thelema is the latter’s rejection of the idea of Original Sin and that Humankind is inherently flawed and sinful from birth (then, again Crowley did typify the very fact of manifest existence as the “First Error”…a different sort of primordial Fall, but a Fall from grace nonetheless). And in Western religious traditions, the archetypal depiction of the initial Fall is Adam and Eve’s disobeying the order of YHVH to refrain from eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Last month, the New York Times Book Review looked at Stephen Greenblatt’s The Rise And Fall of Adam And Eve, looking at Western civilizations shifting views on this myth and its import for the culture and morality of each succeeding period. This is something to you wanna wait for the tryptophan to wear off before tackling!

Of course, this view of the Fallen nature of humankind underlies so much of modern civilization that we take it for granted — another one of those conditioned prejudices we can become mindful of and liberate ourselves from on our way to embracing our True Will

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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