Carl Jung – Myth Maker webinar with Carl Abrahamsson announced the latest in the Occulture webinar series – “Carl Jung – Myth Maker.” Carl’s site states:

“In the development of concepts like the “archetypes” and the “collective unconscious”, Carl Jung not only looked at isolated myths in themselves but also at their artistic expressions. He claimed that there is an impulse-generating layer in the psyche that is shared by all human beings and that can be directly accessed through introspection, dreams, the study of myths and personal, artistic work. A certain culture can possess a more rational or “civilised” construction than another but the basic psychological foundations are in essence the same globally. Jung’s travels around the world and his collection of data confirmed his theories and became an important part of his system. In this lecture I talk about Jungian concepts, the importance of myths and how we could possibly re-enchant the world with a little help from this influential Swiss psychologist and artist.

“When? Sunday, January 14, 2018, at 20-22 GMT+1 / 11am-1pm PST / 2-4pm EST / 19-21 GMT”

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“After the lecture there will be an opportunity for a Q & A/discussion.

“To take part of this lecture/webinar, please send $18 via PayPal to: carl AT carlabrahamsson DOT com After you have paid, I will send you all the relevant information/links. The number of attendee “seats” is limited, so please act fast.

“More on the OCCULTURE webinar/lecture series 2018:

“Art, magic, and the occult have been intimately linked since our prehistoric ancestors created the first cave paintings some 50,000 years ago. As civilizations developed, these esoteric forces continued to drive culture forward, both visibly and behind the scenes, from the Hermetic ideas of the Renaissance, to the ethereal worlds of 19th century Symbolism, to the occult interests of the Surrealists. In this lecture/webinar series exploring “occulture” – the liminal space where art and magic meet – I reveal the integral role played by magic and occultism in the development of culture throughout history as well as their relevance to the continuing survival of art and creativity. Blending magical history and esoteric philosophy, I look at the phenomena and people who have been seminal in modern esoteric developments.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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