Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman at MOCA

Last night I attended the opening of “Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman” at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) annex at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California. The show was very well attended; it was heartwarming to see Cameron’s art getting such enthusiastic (if long-delayed) recognition. My only complaint is that the show is drastically under-lit; Cameron’s art runs to dark, earthy colors, and in low light details get lost.

I am pleased to say that I kept my troublemaker credentials fresh, having been chastised not once but twice by security guards. Once I was leaning on a glass case, squinting in the gloom as I tried to read a hand-drawn copy of Cameron’s astrological birth chart. The other time, I was taking this video, only to be informed that videos were forbidden. That’s why my planned 360 degree pan stops after 200 degrees or so. I hope knowing that I braved ejection to take it makes up for the missing not-quite-half-circle.

IMG_20141010_195606 IMG_20141010_195906

Craig Berry

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