Cameron Exhibit Comes to NYC this Fall

As previously reported on this blog [] , the Cameron exhibit mounted in L.A. last year is coming to New York City this Fall. The HuffingtonPost reports:

“This fall, Deitch Projects is honoring the work of this far too overlooked artist and counter-cultural heroine, exhibiting paintings, drawings and writings made throughout her ravenously creative life. The exhibition is an expansion of MOCA’s show last year, diving deeper into the enthralling life of a woman so magnetic most who encountered her truly believed she was supernatural.

“Cameron’s work oozes with feminine, mystical force. Her depictions of walking birds, dancing lionesses sisters, serpentine witches and gossamer spirits combine ancient occultism with the fresh pulse of 1950s Los Angeles’ underbelly.

“So you want to be like Cameron? Me too. Unfortunately, while becoming a famous artist is hard enough, aiming to become a witch queen puts even more work on your plate. Below is my fool proof guide to becoming a Scarlet Woman yourself, according to the life of the inimitable Cameron.”

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thanks to the OHO for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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