Bradford Boobis and his Life, Infinity, Man Movement

New York Times recently ran a curious story about a currently little known painter, Bradford Boobis, that touches on the “cult” he formulated and led. It’s general tenets harmonize with statements the Prophet of the Lovely Star made about artists having a direct connection to Binah, not to mention his high regard for science (as immortalized in the slog of the A.’.A.’. For better or worse, Boobis’ followers’ devotion led to a significant portion of his life’s work being spirited away by them very shortly after his death by heart attack at 44, being shipped off to a devotee in England – who still has these works in his possession. Boobis’ family has been trying to reclaim this work.

An excerpt says:

‘Boobis had also, in his later life, started courting followers to a cultlike philosophical movement which he called Life, Infinity, Man (LIM). The philosophy was rooted in humanism and considered the “works of man” — such as fine art and scientific discoveries — to be holy. According to his followers, Boobis’s own paintings fit those criteria and by extension, so did he.’

Read all about it:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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