Box Set of Restored Jodorowsky Films Set for 2019 Release

The U.K’s Arrow Video are preparing to release a box set of restored versions of the work of Leonara Carrington disciple Alejandro Jodorowsky. Their FB page sez:

“More than spectacle. An experience for all of your life.” Exciting news for fans of cult cinema — Arrow Video are slated to issue a remastered collection of several essential works from cinematic mystic Alejandro Jodorowsky! According to his son Brontis Jodorowsky, the box set will contain new 4K restorations of the surreal shocker FANDO & LIS (1968), his midnight movie trailblazer EL TOPO (1970) and the allegorical masterpiece THE HOLY MOUNTAIN (1973). The actor also states he contributed a long interview to join an expected bounty of extras, and, “lots of memories came back!” Watch this space for more details as they become available!

more info:[0]=68.ARBJFe9KkQVDiCDwmcWjVxjdjvwy_ssn3ZULHitY_50VS8Y6VOTnYgvCobbFsJ4c6idspqaNzE7aUK9KoupHvgrcW-vfUKjWMyGwHC72ZwODGdQgwnq-E0may8HnbUARJeV3NHWqjiRv4EkGaI3oHjLuoRejppC7S5hP4GJrQ_ZZNBIrZ1tqfLCS-bWteKH_cf7R-dVixC3_g72wpAvIjwIX6FyJUH4OabKtl3JFLooXpW38pPTGV7ZfyaSOe3dAtMY75dX_r06OgkGCUpGpRSF7m26ri2ROdJ0KRaMHvrYkXLMk47fFginkHN37b1uFHOYrKnpkLMGLrTw1B69eh9RuAfE

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