…and while we’re on this topic of respected relatively mainstream writers whose work was informed by their contemplation of Qabala, here’s a scholarly paper titled “BORGES, CABBALA AND ‘CREATIVE MISREADING'” Evelyn Fishburn who’s work starts:

The importance of “Borges and the Cabbala” has been well recognized by several critics. The two major works in this field are by Saúl Sosnowski (1976) and by Jaime Alazraki (1972). The former sees Borges’s interest in the Cabbala as a means to discover the true secret of the universe and man’s position within it. Alazraki reaches an opposing conclusion, suggesting that for Borges Cabbala is symbolic of “the agonizing history of mankind, played out between two stories — one imagined by God and the other fancied by man”.

The whole paper is posted here:

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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