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The Golden Dawn Research Trust publishes books focused on the work of and works by members of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and includes, among other groovy titles:

Collectanea Hermetica

Collectanea Hermetica Vol. 1: Hermetic Arcanum
Collectanea Hermetica Vol. 2: Divine Pymander
Collectanea Hermetica Vol. 3: Hermetic Art
Collectanea Hermetica Vol. 4: Aesch Mezareph

Kabbalistic Grimoire Studies Series

Vol 1: The Secret Grimoire of Turiel.
Vol 2: The Black Pullet.  Sold Out
Vol 3: Ars Nortoria: Magical Art.  Sold Out
Vol 4: The Grand Grimoire.  Sold Out
Vol 5: Hebrew Talismanic Magic.  Sold Out
Vol 6: Book of Abra-Melin (condensed).  Sold Out
Vol 7: History of Dr. John Faustus.  Sold Out

Golden Dawn Studies Series

Vol 1: The Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript.
Vol 2: The Golden Dawn Source Book.
Vol 3: The Sepher Yetzirah with Hebrew.
Vol 4: Golden Dawn Source Works: A Bibliography.
Vol 5: Golden Dawn Court Cards.
Vol 6: The Magic of a Symbol.
Vol 7: Enochian Experiments of Golden Dawn.
Vol 8: The Golden Dawn Tarot.
Vol 9: The Serpent Myth.
Vol 10: Astrology of the Golden Dawn.
Vol 11: Chronology of the Golden Dawn.
Vol 12: Fringe Masonry in England.
Vol 13: Elements of Kabbalah.
Vol 14: The Battle of Blythe Road.
Vol 15: Golden Dawn American Source Book.
Vol 16: Kabbalah of Golden Dawn.
Vol 17: Sacred Book of Henoch.
Vol 18: Secret Knowledge of Neophyte.
Vol 19: Aspects of Occultism.
Vol 20: Historical Structure of Golden Dawn.
Vol 21: The Hermetic Papers of Golden Dawn.
Vol 22: Baphomet and Son
Vol 23: The Golden Dawn: Legacy of MacGregor Mathers.
Vol 24: Sanctum Sanctorum.
Vol 25: Serpent’s Path: Magical Plays of Florence Farr.

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