Book of The Beasts

Running through August 18 at Los Angeles’ GETTY CENTER is Book of Beasts: The Bestiary in the Medieval World, a look at 13/14 century “bestiaries,” basically illustrated zoological encyclopedias featuring animals both actual and imagined – though many of the images of real animals were based on written descriptions rather than observation and thus are pretty fanciful as well. The center’s site says:

“Animals tumble, soar, and race through the pages of the bestiary, a popular type of medieval book describing the beasts of the world. Abounding with vibrant and fascinating images, the bestiary brought real and fantastical creatures to life for readers. So cherished were these vividly imagined beasts, they often “escaped” from manuscripts to inhabit other art works made during the medieval period, and even up to the present day.”

You can explore the exhibit online, take a video tour etc. here:

The Getty Center is located at 1200 Getty Center Drive Los Angeles, CA 90049

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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