Bone Pendant Supposedly Belonging to Crowley Obsesses Woman

Here’s a goofy story from wherein a woman claims that merely holding a bone pendant allegedly once owned by the Prophet of the Lovely star turned her thoughts dark and towards Satanic worship. Sorry honey, if that’s all it took for such thoughts to obsess you, you were harboring them already – likely for a long time. And more logically, why the heck would Crowley charge an amulet this way as opposed to having it promote worship of Ra-Hrumachis, the Lord of this Aeon? Any, this story starts:

‘A woman has been left spooked after holding a pendant believed to have once belonged to occultist Aleister Crowley that made her “turn dark” and feel depressed for days. Her partner said she was so drawn in by it she even started kissing it.

‘Candice Collins, from Falmouth, has always been a fan of the supernatural and paranormal occurrences and is currently in the process of collecting occult items for a museum she plans to open in the future.’

If you’ve got time to kill, read the whole thing:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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