Black Sun Lodge Adopts a Highway

Recently, a member of Black Sun Lodge, OTO, in the Valley of Cleveland posted a picture of an “Adopt A Highway” sign crediting “Black Sun Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis” as caring for a stretch of road in Ohio. We got some insight from the Lodge’s Hagiographer and Librarian Amy Harmon  as to how this works, thinking other OTO Local Bodies might want to follow suit:

“The Volunteer Coordinator of USGL (Frater do) states: “Selfless service is not a thing obtained, it is not the goal; selfless service is a result – the result of Selfish service.”

“As the Black Sun Lodge Volunteer Committee brainstormed service project ideas, Brother Andrew Lent and I suggested that we perform litter cleanup duties through the Adopt A Highway program. This would provide an opportunity for visibility and service in the area where the Lodge is located.

“Each state’s Department of Transportation offers this program.  I contacted the Ohio Department of Transportation to apply for the permit. It cost us nothing to complete the paperwork or for the two signs that are placed near the exit ramps. The service that we will provide will enable the state to focus their money on other road projects instead of litter pickup.

“If a group does not have enough members that are able to complete this but has the financial means, there are two companies that contract through some states where a group can sponsor the cleanup of a designated area of the highway. and

“We are obligated to clean the area four times a year. Other states may have different requirements. We can schedule cleanups months in advance or a week beforehand. We look forward to completing our first cleanup on November 19th, 2016.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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