Black Metal Band of OTO Initiates, Mehenet, Release Debut Album and Tour

Mehenet, the New Orleans-based black metal project whose members are OTO initiates, are currently touring the U.S. this Fall with Murrum celebrating the release of their debut album, Dii Inferi, on Pale Horse Records.  Their band bio states:

Hailing from the rotting and bullet-peppered City of the Dead called New Orleans, Mehenet emerges drenched in all the bile, grit, and gristle natural to a band of extremists playing necromantic
Black Metal. Their 2o17 debut LP, Di Inferii, comes on the heels of a continued locale presence in New Orleans and two successful tours through the South, South-east, and East Coast. They
have opened for such acts as Shining, 1349, Taake, Khaotica, Blood Incantation, Tribulation, Necrophagia, Master, Abysmal Lord, and Imprecation amongst many local acts. They also
played the main stage at the Anticosmic Music Festival in 2o16 alongside Shining, Zud, Kult of Azazel, and Wormreich.

Unlike many bands whose occult imagery is essentially pilfered from a montage of disconnected traditions, Mehenet consists soley of initiates of traditional occult orders and are thoroughly
acquainted with the Arts they draw inspiriation from. Where the concept of live Black Metal “ritual” is loosely muttered by dilletantes, Mehenet offers a direct and literal conduit to those forces
informed by extensive participation in katabatic rites and whose music and ritual are truley what they appear.

The line-up is:

Algol on vocals,

Nehushtan on Guitar,

Nekyia on Guitar,

Matr’el on Bass and

Tvashtar Cherufe on Drums.

check out a video:

11/18 – TBA Atlanta, GA

11/19 – The Dungeon Tavern/Wrath of the Goat Festival – Panama City, FL

11/20 – Portside Lounge, New Orleans, LA 

11/21 – The Lost Well, Austin, TX

11/24 – El Paso, TX
11/26 – Pomoro – Tucson, AZ
11/28 – Bar Bar – Denver, CO
11/29 –  Hexagon, Minneapolis, MN
11/30 – Underground Lounge – Chicago, IL
12/1 – Rocking Buffalo – Buffalo, NY

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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