Black Magick for Glamour, Influence, and Letting Go

I just saw this announcement regarding an upcoming book  which will be available in physical formats towards the end of November with  an e-book coming out sooner: HOW TO DRAW FRIENDS AND SACRIFICE TOXIC PEOPLE: Black Magick for Glamour, Influence, and Letting Go by Stephanie Connolly Reisner. The posted description says:

You can remove toxic people from your life.
You can draw successful and interesting friends.
You can turn any situation to your favor.

With advice on dealing with people, and over 40 spells you can work to manifest your will, every witch and magician can have stellar working relationships with others, a supportive group of friends, and a lack of toxic people around them. Inspired by modern business books, but for witches and magicians, How to Draw Friends & Sacrifice (as in making sacred the relationships that no longer serve us and letting them go) Toxic People will be a go-to spellbook for anyone who aspires to less drama and more success in their interactions with others.…/dp/B0BJJ4RP97/

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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