Black Flame Conference Being Held in Portland April 26-28

Black Flame PDX: LUX EX TENEBRIS is being held Portland, Oregon, on the weekend of April 26th-28th, 2019. This event will feature esoterically oriented speakers, musical performers, visual artists and more.

The event’s site states:

Free-thinkers and rebels are invited to revel, reify, self-deify and do ritual together. The next event will be in Portland, Oregon, on the weekend of April 26th-28th, 2019.

This three day temporary-autonomous-portal of incendiary bewitchment includes erudite presentations, ritual, live music, kitschy carousal and performances, with vending featuring the Supersubstantial creations, releases, and hand-made wares of specialized, esoteric and/or Left hand Path leaning practitioners.

The fascination is set in motion on Friday night with an introduction by event host Paul Fredric – Setian author, musician, creator of the Daimonosophy 2.0 podcast. Paul will be followed by an opening ceremony and key-note presentation, as we continue onward into an illustrious weekend with an awe inspiring schedule of speakers and performances.

*MICHAEL W. FORD*- Leading Luciferian Visionary, Author and Musician.
*HOPEMARIE FORD*- Co-Founder of The Assembly of Light Bearers, LHP Priestess
*CORINNE BOYER*- Folk Herbalist, Teacher, Author
*TOBY CHAPPELL*- Grand Master of Order of the Trapezoid (Temple of Set)
*JESSICA HALL*- Producer/Director of “Left Hand Path”, Winner of the International Hermetic Film Festival (Venice, 2017)
*KOYOTE THE BLIND*- Tolteca, Shamanic Artist, A.’.A.’. Adept
*CATAMARA ROSARIUM*- Ritual Artist, Botanical Alchemist, Rosarium Blends
*DIABOLUS REX*- Infamous Black Magician of Chaos Imperium & Black Sun Occult Engineering
*MICHAEL KOLSON*- OTO, A.’.A.’., Night of Pan Books
*JACK GRAYLE*- Sorcerer, Author “The Hekateaon”
A religious partnership of Theistic Satanists with a focus on pact-making, devil worship, and service to the current.

Visual Artists:
*Arùn Joseph Ragan
*Jesse Peper
*Orreyelle Defenestrate
*John Fowler
*Kendle Moon
*Jim Pavelec of Ars Goetia

Performers (Sunday Night at L.V.X.N.O.X.):
*INADE*-Masters of Occult Dark Ambient
*COVEN OF ASHES*- All Female Ritual Theatre & Bloodletting
*AKHTYA*- A Ritual Music Invocation.
*SORIAH*- Tribal, Tuvan Throat Singing, Ritual Performance
*BRUJENTROPY*- Spoken Wyrd, Ritual Noise, DeathDream Electronics

3-Day Conference Pass (Admission to all presentations and opening night. No entry to L.V.X.N.O.X./Saturday evening events and performances): $156
Full Weekend Pass: $175 (Includes admission to all scheduled events, including L.V.X.N.O.X.).
Saturday or Sunday Day Pass: $93
(Admission to daytime presentations only. No admission to the opening night or L.V.X.N.O.X./Sunday evening events and performances):
L.V.X.N.O.X. only: $20

For periodic updates, RSVP to the event and follow our page:

For more information, and to purchase tickets visit:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi


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