Research Notes Bisexuals Less Likely to be “Out”

bisexual flag -- one stripe each of pink, purple, and blue

The Pew Research Center announced yesterday that an analysis of Stanford University’s How Couples Meet and Stay Together 2017 study indicated that bisexual people are far less likely to be out than their gay and lesbian cohorts. Pew’s fact report notes that:

Only 19% of those who identify as bisexual say all or most of the important people in their lives are aware of their sexual orientation. In contrast, 75% of gay and lesbian adults say the same. About one-quarter of bisexual adults (26%) are not “out” to any of the important people in their lives, compared with 4% of gay and lesbian adults. Roughly half of those who are bisexual (54%) are out to some or only a few people.

The article also notes that “…LGBT adults said that bisexual men faced less social acceptance than bisexual women, gay men and lesbians.” While the data is limited to the sample group — 2,862 subjects with current partners and 541 subjects with no current partner — it does imply that there is an overall societal bias against individuals who are attracted to both genders.

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