Biography of Seminal UK Musician and Occultist Graham Bond

Periodically there’ll be online discussion of British musician and occultist Graham Bond. As a musician he’s best known as leader of the Jazz-centric UK R&B ensemble, the Graham Bond Organization who’s members would include Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and John McLaughlin among others who’d later go on to become superstars of the British rock and jazz-fusion. He was also an avid occultist and who referenced Thelema and Crowley and made that part of his ongoing musical endeavors as evidence by band names, song and album titles. Wikipedia notes:

“He then formed Graham Bond Initiation with his new wife Diane Stewart, who shared his interest in magick, and in 1970 Holy Magick, which recorded a self-titled album and We Put Our Magick On You. He was also re-united with old band members while playing saxophone in Ginger Baker’s Air Force and spending a short time in the Jack Bruce Band.[4] Solid Bond, a double-album compiling live tracks recorded in 1963 by the Graham Bond Quartet (Bond, McLaughlin, Bruce and Baker) and a studio session from 1966 by the Graham Bond Organisation (Bond, Heckstall-Smith and Hiseman) was released that same year.

“In 1972 he teamed up with Pete Brown to record Two Heads are Better Than One.[4] He also recorded an album with the John Dummer Band in 1973, although this was not released until 2008. After the near-simultaneous collapse of his band and his marriage, Bond then formed Magus with British folk-singer Carolanne Pegg and bassist Pete Macbeth, which disbanded around Christmas 1973 without recording. ”

One thing I DIDN’T realize is that a biography exists, authored by one Harry Shapiro and titled “Graham Bond: The Mighty Shadow” which includes some of his sigils, magical squares and doodlings which state: “Nuit, Hadit, Ra-Hoor Khuit.” It’s current out of print and NOT CHEAP.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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