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August then brings some real change to Hadean Press – the exciting news we mentioned above is that Hadean Press is on the move, but that’s not all! We are opening a bookshop on the ground floor of our new premises: Miss Lollipop’s Books and Curious, described as ‘a weird little boutique bookshop’, will carry a highly curated range of books, comics, manga, table top rpgs, science fiction and fantasy, and more. We aim for Hadean to be operating in the new premises by the end of August, and to open the bookshop to the public sometime in October. The shop will also allow us to offer Hadean customers the option to collect their orders in person, a feature that will appear on the new website. Follow Miss Lollipop’s on Instagram or Facebook (posting will be slow until we get up and running).

If you would like to donate to help with renovation costs, it would be deeply appreciated! The current shop is going to need some love to bring it up to Miss Lollipop’s standards. Donors will be commemorated in a special plaque placed in a prominent position in the shop. We will also accept your good wishes and happy thoughts for our new venture, which we hope will become a space where the weird among us feel welcome.

What this means in the short term is that we are going to have a huge sale in early August so we don’t have to shift so many books! Anyone with a large personal library understands the struggle that is moving books from one place to another. Be sure to keep an eye on the Hadean Press Instagram or Facebook, or the main website, where we’ll announce when the sale begins.

Speaking of websites, the new one is almost done. We had some issues with its development, but Erzebet has taken charge and is currently working towards a mid-August deadline. We’ll post more on that when we make the change.

And finally, the best update: we have heard that the hardcover The Grimoire Encyclopaedia is being delivered to the warehouse on 11 July. Erzebet maintains a ‘believe it when she sees it’ mentality, however, should the books in fact be delivered on that date, order fulfilment will begin on Wednesday 12 July.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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