Best Job Ever, or Best Job Ever?

Multi-colored jelly penis candies - small, soft, squidgy and fruity !

Did you know that you can review sex toys for a living? You can!

At Blowfish, you can buy toys, supplies, accouterments, storage and furnishing, and even guides. They tell us, “We review the products we sell, and we sell what we love.” Every item has a personal review.

Chantall in the Netherlands is a freelance reviewer. Vice tells us: “On the blog she started about four years ago, she reviews every kind of toy imaginable—including several Tarzan vibrators, a smiling butt plug, and a double penetrator. Her blog gets around 2,000 visitors a day, while she also gets a lot of emails from people asking her for sex advice on a weekly basis. Besides sex toy reviews, her blog also offers more in-depth stuff—like a comprehensive guide to lube or tips for cleaning a sex toy.”

Inside the Orgasmic Life of a Sex Toy Reviewer.




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