Becoming a Sexy Fishman

A scene from The Shape of Water

Doug Jones has portrayed myriad humanoid creatures for Guillermo del Toro. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jones has starred in 5 of del Toro’s previous films  — MimicHellboy, Hellboy II, Pan’s Labyrinth and Crimson Peak — as well as the director’s FX television series The Strain. “Jones’ roles in the films have varied from parasitic alien lifeforms to hyper-intelligent aquatic fishmen to eloquent Spanish-speaking ancient fauns to the nightmare-inducing Pale Man and many more.”

This time, however, he needs to be a sexy beast. In The Shape of Water, Jones plays an aquatic creature captured and held by the US government during the Cold War of the 1960s. The creature, known as “The Asset,” becomes involved in a romance with a lonely laboratory worker. And so, Jones explains, “When watching the film you have to believe that someone could actually fall in love with him and find him sexy and want to take their clothes off in his presence.”

The movie, rated R for sexual content, graphic nudity, violence and language, will be in theaters December 8.

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