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The musical performer Beck Hansen has been one of the hipper figures associated with the Church of Scientology these past 2o years but now is disavowing the Church, going as far to deny that he was ever a member per se, despite numerous past statements to the media to the contrary.

An excerpt from the trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter states:

“I think there’s a misconception that I am a Scientologist. I’m not a Scientologist. I don’t have any connection or affiliation with it,” Beck told the Herald.  He went on to theorize that because his father — Canadian composer David Campbell — has long been a Scientologist, he was assumed to be one, as well.

“But I’ve pretty much just focused on my music and my work for most of my life, and tended to do my own thing,” he continued. “I think it’s just something people ran with.”

Read the entire article:

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