Barry William Hale at the Buckland

BARRY WILLIAM HALE at the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft & Magick Cleveland Ohio.


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Although Hale does not intend to proselytize or convert he does want to make occult symbolism and ritual more accessible and understood. He feels that esoteric and occult traditions should be more readily acknowledged as part of the spectrum of world religions, and because occult symbols and rituals are frequently sensationalized and stripped of religious context, greater understanding of them would confer legitimacy and respect. In this he is not wrong, yet part of the raw power of Hale’s art is that it taps directly into the hidden and secret. It is intense, amazing, and, to be frank, kind of scary. Yet the audience is not forced into to taking any sort of theological position on what they are experiencing.

The Blissful Company of Demons: The Dynamics of Occult Performance
in the Art of Barry William Hale• Amy Hale

Speculative Arts Research • Issue 2 • 01-15-2019 Speculative Arts Research • Issue 2 • 1-15-2019


The works of Barry William Hale will be exhibited courtesy of Stephen Romano Gallery through February 1 2020 .


Barry William Hale

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