Banksy Opens “Bemusement Park”

The person(s) known as “Banksy” has been called a renowned street artist, guerilla graffiti artist, etc. but the scope and intent of his work seems to far exceed those humble and basically crude simplifications. His work reassembles elements of reality in visionary, thought-provoking ways and on a huge scale — like a Tim Burton movie come to life. I think that magicians would appreciate or at least be intrigued his ability to manifesting these perception-shifting into the public imagination without warning even when they’re on a grand scale and in plain public view — and his latest piece the “Dismaland” “bemusement park” is his most ambitious and audacious work to date.

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Thanks to Sister Amy (a longtime Banksy fan) for the tip!

Dismaland 1

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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