Azul Nox Encampment – 7th Annual Summer Camp Out

Azul Nox Encampment in the Valley of York, PA have announced they’ll be holding their 7th annual camp out.

“Our yearly summer camp out is a rustic camping and ritual heavy experience over two nights and three days on a 14-acre campground in Dillsburg, Pa. The site is set up for tent camping, but limited bunk beds are available on request. It also features a latrine, a full kitchen, and the shower area we provide. Lastly, there is a small motel very close to the event site.

“This years theme will be the Mysteries of Babalon, and the main rites are being written and directed by Sr. V.L.O.S and Sr. arXe, as wel l as several other sisters of our Order from Azul Nox and surrounding bodies. The focus, as every year, is on rituals and personal gnostic experience of the attendees, and the nights are full of song, ecstasy and shared moments. This is our primary yearly fundraiser for Azul Nox and we hope you will join us for this amazing celebration as we continue to build our local community and share with each other in the pursuit of Light and Love.

“Event Overview:

“Friday will feature an Opening Ritual and ample social time with lite fair. Saturday will host several rituals and lectures which span over the course of the day. The rituals include an Adorational Procession of Our Lady of Abomination, a Babalon Devotional Tent for personal work, a lecture on Babalon as a Qabalistic Archetype, and much more. Saturday will also have brunch and dinner provided. Sat., we finish the night off with a Bacchanalia which inclu des scrumptious feast and a show with our first ever Dionysian Drag Show

“We are adding more to the weekend as we get closer, so please register early to save money, and keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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