AWK’s Babalon Video

Andrew W.K. has released a new single, “Babalon.”  In years past, he guested OHO on Current 93’s ALEPH AT HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAIN. For a period of time,  allowed Ecclesia Gnostic Catholica to perform the Gnostic Mass at his Santos Party House club in NYC on a recurring basis as well as letting Ordo Templi Orientis USA put on a two day music festival there, Mysteria Musicka Maxima — free of charge to boot!

Have a look!

I note that various captions flash on the screen during the performance: 1939, DDD, 1955, etc.  Feel free to research the references in. Send ’em here via the submissions link and let us know how you’d like us to atttribute your submission.

His newsletter says:

“Inimitable God of Partying, ANDREW W.K., and the entire team at Napalm Records, are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the colossal new ANDREW W.K. single entitled, ‘BABALON’, available to pre-order now in a limited edition 7” colored vinyl format.

“The track (which marks ANDREW W.K.’s Napalm Records debut, and its first musical output since the release of 2018’s You’re Not Alone), will be unleashed to the world both physically and digitally…

“The aforementioned limited edition ‘Babalon’ 7” vinyl single, available in an eye-catching red/blue split variant, will also include a B-side instrumental track, entitled “The Party Gods”, as well as a pair of 3-D glasses autographed by ANDREW W.K.

“Only 393 copies are available worldwide.

“Mario Dane, who worked extensively on the new music, added the following: ‘We’re all very happy about this brand new “Babalon” song. It’s the result of a great labor, a great restraint, and a lot of great people dreaming. ANDREW W.K. has always been focused on making dream feelings come true, and this feels like a high point in that ongoing effort. There’s a lot of great energy and enthusiasm, and it’s only just begun…'”

Executive producer: Steev Mike “Babalon” written, performed, and recorded by ANDREW W.K. Produced and engineered by ANDREW W.K. and Ted Young. Additional production by Mario Dane for R.C.U. Audio Intl. Mixed by Ted Young at Labrutto Visuals, Schaumburg, Illinois. Mastered at Howie Weinberg Mastering by Howie Weinberg and Will Borza. Recorded at Guardian Sound, NYC and Cerroran Studios, Orlando, Florida. Music video concept by Michael R.C. for R.C.U. Audio, Intl. Directed by Phem C. Palmer for Ceorran Films, Ltd. Creative direction by Mario Dane. Director of Photography: Kyle Loftus for KAL Visuals. Music performances conceived and directed by Frank Vierti. Production design by Cynthia Cysse. Edited by Herb Maximo and Kyle Loftus. Animations by Andrew Strasser VFX. Production Manager: Erik Payne Produced by Glue Studio. Audio post-production by T.S.D. at Labrutto Visuals. Project coordination by Kristine Williams and Cecil Verdon for The Louise Harland Corporation. ANDREW W.K. is managed by Pete Galli at Red Light Management.
thanks to Hymenaeus Beta and  Robbie 339 for the tips on this being out now!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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