Australian Artist Offering Digital Versions of His Striking Art

Occult artist Robert Buratti is offering some of his striking artwork as NFTs and they are priced to move!

The posted description of the piece, “Silence,” says:

Silence enables insight on the true nature of reality. Vipassana is to see things the way that they are and to not allow talking, noise or other forms of communication to get in the way. The goal is to learn acceptance, to teach people to see and accept things as they are—instead of how we want them to be.

This work is created from the original drawings and paintings exhibited in the ‘Sub Rosa Series’, and ‘The Edges of Twilight’ series inspired by a collaboration with Canadian rock trio, The Tea Party.

PS the illustration I’ve posted is not for the digital piece being offered  – but I couldn’t find the latter expeditiously.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. As with more traditional art markets, NFTs are driven by rampant speculation and, as with any boom, attract flippers. Artists such as Lushsux and Mankind, who opted in early and are making out handsomely (Lushsux recently sold an NFT for half a million dollars), urge both artists and collectors to think about their long game. As the market corrects itself from the initial paroxysm and new niche platforms establish themselves, artists and collectors alike are hoping the NFT experience will level out while still offering new and lucrative avenues beyond traditional markets.

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