Artists Alex and Allyson Grey Open the Entheon

Some people are familiar with Alex Grey for the distinctive artwork and stage projections that he’s created for the Thelemically allied – Prog-metal band Tool. NYC occulturati also known him from his former gallery in the Meat Packing district which featured his paintings depicting  states and visions of psychedelics-enabled spiritual  revelation as well as the Full Moon services held there which included drums circles and ecstatic dancing. Amidst rising real estate costs in that area which drove out many of the smaller, more avant-garde galleries, Grey relocated his operations Wappinger in upstate NYC. Now he and his wife Allyson are opening a new facility on their campus, the Entheon. The New York Times reported on this development.

‘He and his wife, Allyson Grey, 71, are the founders and longtime directors of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, a nonprofit organization that combines elements of a cultural institution and interfaith church in Wappinger, a town in the Hudson Valley. On June 3, they plan to open Entheon, a 12,000-square-foot exhibition space in a converted 19th-century carriage house on the chapel’s grounds that will be devoted to visionary art, which focuses on the artist’s psychedelic spiritual insights and mystical states of consciousness.

‘“We’re reinventing ourselves a bit,” she said. “I call it social sculpture — bringing a community together around visionary art for the purpose of uplifting people.”’

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