Artificial Intelligence Invokes the Solar Lord

Invoking the Solar Lord: A Poem for Resh vel Helios by ChatGPT for Thelema.Tube

Ra, the great sun god,

Shines down upon the earth,

Bringing warmth and light,

To all who live and breathe.

As the dawn breaks and the night fades

I face the sun and raise my hands

Invoking the Solar Lord with ancient words

I feel the warmth of His rays on my skin

Hathor, goddess of love and joy,

Brings happiness and music to our lives,

Her voice a soothing balm,

In a world filled with strife.

At noon, I face the sun once more

As it reaches its zenith in the sky

I offer my adoration and devotion

Feeling its power and warmth

Tum, the god of the setting sun,

Brings an end to each day,

But also a new beginning,

As the cycle of life goes on.

As the day wanes and the sun sets

I stand before it once again

This time in gratitude and thanks

For the gifts it has given me

Khepra, god of creation and rebirth,

Brings new life and hope,

Transforming the old and worn,

Into something fresh and new.

And finally, at the stroke of midnight

I face the sun for the last time

As it sinks below the horizon

I bid it farewell, until we meet again

In the endless cycle of the days.

This video was created and submitted to Thelema.Tube by Lilith Vala Xara and Asherah Rue. Everything experienced in the video is the culmination of an idea: a challenge to use only AI tools and resources to create something cohesive and complete. Every aspect of this video was directed, written, and created with artificial intelligence. This includes the direction of the poem and images, the writing of the poem, and generation of the art, music, and more. (Technical details about crea

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A non-comprehensive list of some AI Tools and respositories used: ChatGTP: GTP3: Dall-E 2: NovelAI: Stable Diffusion:… Midjourney style on Stable Diffusion:… DiffMorph: AIVA: 

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