Art Inspired by Cooking, Music, Science and Spirit

Here’s something light for the holidays, some sweet art from London based Mexican artist Rita Ro who’s inspired by a blend of  cooking (the original human science of material transformation), music (conjuring something out of nothing, that again disappears into silence after its performance has concluded), a bit of science (the old twin of magick) and some spirituality.


Her site says:

My name is Rita.

I’m a cross – disciplinary artist born and raised in Mexico city and currently based in London.

After working as a pastry chef in several countries one day i felt that i wanted to learn in other areas than just the culinary and decided to explore other art forms of self expression.

Musically, i  have written, composed and produced two albums:

My debut called “Renaissance” released in 2011.

My second called “Milk” released in 2014.

Currently i’m in the process of writing my third.

My culinary activities have never stopped completely and a brand new project involving cooking, music, a bit of science and some spirituality has started.

Its called  SUN FOR SUNDAY

Check it out here:

I also have a project called TRECE LUNAS where i read from many literary delights from a variety of sources / authors / artists, all infused with my music/sounds and my own interpretation.

Check it out here:

My art (music, paintings, photographs, videos, animations, etc.) have all a very hands on approach and totally DIY.  They often display a combination of the things i am interested about combined with the emotional state i found myself in that particular moment.

Apart from a degree in gastronomy i did many years ago,  I actually have no formal training in music, art or in anything else i make.  I’ve learnt all i know myself.

My heart and my work are my offerings to the world and i hope they continue to take me to discover new worlds and new experiences.

Thank you for stopping by…

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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