Art Exhibition Including Work Based in Enochian

Here’s some advance coverage  posted at of an exhibition of “responsive installation, performance,” occult art, digitally generated audioscapes and photographic collections co-curated by O=II contributor Barry William Hale (which indicates why his posts have been scarce of late — HE’S BEEN PUTTING THIS TOGETHER!)

“With NOKO|HYPRKUB 210, Barry William Hale (occult artist) and Scott Barnes (sound designer) have collaborated to build a work around the Enochian alphabet, a divine language revealed to Queen Elizabeth I’s court astrologer and magician, Dr John Dee in late 16th century England. Several large, black and white pieces adorn the walls. The strong curved lines and their painted medium evoke feelings of tribal ceremony, Maori or Gaelic scripts.

“Thirty photographic works by William Mortensen on loan from the Stephen Romano Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, also make an impressive addition to the exhibition. Better known for his Hollywood portraits in the 1920 to 1940s, William Mortensen was shunned by his peers for his art. Macabre, mysterious, and wickedly beautiful images of witches, hags and rituals. As evident in the works, Mortensen was a gifted photographer, his techniques include etching and composite images. Ahead of his time, his talent almost went unrecognised because of the bias critics had towards his choice of subject matter.

“Hidden behind a curtain at the back of the gallery space, you could almost miss the work of the curator himself Brendan Walls – TohuVBohu. Walls has created a sacred space drenched in symbolism. Combining lighting and music with sound responsive technology; plates of salt, sulphur and mercury are laid out in readiness …”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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