Are Tutankhamun’s Trumpets Magical War Horns?

Here’s an interesting essay from LiberHistorae regarding trumpets found in Tut-Ankh-Amum’s burial chamber. They were discovered by Howard Carter’s team during their original excavation of his tomb, the first largely undisturbed pharonic burial ever discovered. The trumpets have been played several times since their discovery and there are some fanciful speculations on the consequences thereof. The piece starts:

“Of all the phenomenal artifacts excavated by Howard Carter in 1922, nothing is quite comparable as Tutankhamun’s Trumpets. Found as a pair in different sections of his grand tomb, these magnificent horns had laid silent for over 3000 years until April 1939, when the ancient instruments resonated across BBC Radio mesmorising an estimated audience of 150 million people.”

Read the whole schmegeggee:


Tutankhamun’s Trumpets Played After 3000 Years Of Silence

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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