Archaeologists May Have Discovered Tomb of Ankh-es-en-amun

Ya know, when yr the adherent of a religious creed that expresses shades of deity with the archetypes of the ancient Gods and Goddesses of Khem, the Black Land, new discoveries in Egyptian archaeology tend to be of interest — ya learn some good object lessons about inbreeding too! Well here’s a tasty bit courtesy of England’s Daily Mail:

“Archaeologists hunting for the lost tomb of King Tutankhamun’s teenage wife, Ankhesenamun, may have found her final resting place.

“The teen bride is believed to have had a tragic life, marrying her father, her grandfather and her half-brother, Tutankhamun.

“Since January, around 100 Egyptian workers have been excavating an area in the untouched western area of Egypt‘s Valley of the Kings.

“Now, a new photo released shows archaeologists have begun excavating a spot which previous radar readings pinpointed as a potential entrance to the royal tomb.

“The Discovery Channel – which is funding the research – has announced they have ‘exclusive’ access to film the excavations which they plan to make into a documentary later this year.

“This, according to LiveScience, suggests that a big discovery could soon be announced.”

Read the whole thang here:

thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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