“A Perfumed Skull,” a blog on “Anthropology, Esotericism, and Notes on the Numinous”

A Perfumed Skull is a newly launched blog on “Anthropology, Esotericism, and Notes on the Numinous” by Ben Joffe who our pal Jason Miller refers to as ” one of the clearest and best voices on Tibetan Buddhism and Magic.”


Joffe describes the blog as:  “a mix of more impersonal scholarly reflections and more personal musings.”

And says:

“If you bother to read things I post here on Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/yesnooraspider/posts/10156855098355554?fref=nf ]you may have seen a lot of the current content, but I’ve expanded on some of it, and now longer Fbook posts you might not have seen before are all in one place. I’ve included a lot of further reading hyperlinks on topics as well, so the posts are more curations and not just my own stream of consciousness dangling limply and disconnected in the void.”

Ben Joffe

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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